Safety Standard for Refrigeration Systems
ASHRAE Standing Standard Project Committee 15

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Published Content

Additional documents produced by the PC may be available for direct download or for purchase through the ASHRAE Bookstore, as noted below.


1. Standard 15-2010

To purchase your copy of ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 15-2010, visit the ASHRAE Bookstore.

2. Published Addenda

Addendum a, b, c, d, e and f to ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 15-2010 are available for free download: Click here to access the download

3. Published Interpretations

There has been one formal Interpretations of the 2010 Edition of Standard 15.

Official Interpretations of both the current and previous editions of Standard 15 are available free of charge.Click here to access the interpretaions

4. Public Review Draft Addenda

When Draft Addenda are available for public review and comment, they can be downloaded from ASHRAE Standards. Click here to access public review Standards

If you would like timely notification of ASHRAE Standards that begin the public review process please sign up for the Standards Action List Server.

5. User's Manual

There is no User's Manual available for the 2010 Edition of Standard 15. A previous user’s manual was developed as a companion document to ASHRAE Standard 15-2001. It does not reflect the addenda and changes incorporated into the newer editions. The User’s Manual clarifies the intent of the Standard and provides an explanation of the rationale behind it. It eases use of the standard by including illustrations and examples of accepted industry practice, as well as explanations of and supporting references for formulas in the Standard. This guide also covers building, system, and refrigerant classifications, restrictions on refrigerant use, installation restrictions, and equipment and system design and construction. The User’s Manual includes information on mechanical and absorption refrigeration systems for commercial, residential, and industrial applications. To purchase your copy of this User's Manual, visit the ASHRAE Bookstore.


Presentations from PC sponsored seminars can be downloaded here, if available.